Nandarane's story

Developing and Nurturing the human spirit

As a Headteacher, I have dealt with a gruelling workload, constant stress, excessive accountability and scrutiny that at times felt like I was the one horse and had twenty charioteers all conflicting the direction they wanted me to go and I had the school’s vision and mission to deliver.


Whilst delivering many outstanding and good outcomes, it felt like I was a hamster on a wheel rarely having breaks and time to eat.  Whilst I had set up a successful school and was perceived to be an able and competent leader. The long hours, endless meetings, accountability, scrutiny and a small budget meant I had a lot on my plate to deal with fewer people to share the workload.


School Improvement Partners can make all the difference

My inspiration as to why I do what I do

Paddy O’Dwyer, Pat Stevens and Rachel Bowerman were the most extraordinary humans and school improvement partners. They epitomised excellence, integrity and compassion


They were right beside me in my successes and my challenges.
They listened attentively, helped me to achieve my goals and ambitions for the school, discussed my options, challenges and assured me when there were times I had doubts and concerns without any judgement. They gave me sound advice and guidance. They created  safety and trust so that I  could let my guard down to share my thoughts and concerns in managing a complex organisation that would need to be managed with high levels of confidentiality and integrity


Thereafter, I would have more clarity, dust myself and continue Leading my team from the front in the way  that I and they expected of a strong leader.


It is they who inspired me to choose to do the same for other Headteachers.  I’ve made it my life’s mission now, until I retire,  to help and support other Headteachers.


My Life’s Mission and Training

During my work as a school Improvement Partner I took time out to travel to India, Bali and other settings to train in alternative models of coaching and strategies for clearing blocks beyond the normal coaching model including counselling as a deep and sincere desire to support Headteachers.

After all, we are all in the business of developing and nurturing the Human spirit. Headteachers matter and deserve to be nurtured in their roles too.


If you want to give a lot then you have to take too

Headteachers have an immense capacity to give.  To do that, its important to invest in your leadership and school Improvement


What I am not
Snake oil. 


I here to help:
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