Code of Practice


Principles, Values and Practice


  • Give balanced advice, support and challenge without fear or favour to the client and in their best interests
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct and integrity
  • Exercise independence of thought and action and interests of the forefront of clients
  • To listen carefully to clients at all times, in order to make sure that our work serves clients' needs and interests




  • Nandarane helped me work through and heal from the destructive thought patterns that had led to bouts of depression, stress and anxiety all of which had a noticeable impact at home and in my professional life. Using coaching and self-affirming techniques, I was able to gain a level of clarity and confidence that helped me face my fears and make better decisions, especially in my career and workplace.


  • Nandarane’s ability to grasp a situation for what it really is and empathy in handling emotive subjects is exceptional. Her talent also lies in helping you acknowledge the source of your pain and treat emotions that have been long suppressed. Nandarane uses healing techniques such as NLP together with an approach that helps the body, mind and spirit.


Since working with Nandarane, my outlook towards life has improved and I am learning how to embrace change. There has been growth in the way I handle both my personal and professional life and I am better equipped to manage stress and anxiety during challenging moments. Overall I feel happier and heathier not only with my emotions but in my mind and body which are inextricably linked.

Mrs D from London, Executive


  • She has a kindly manner and can deliver direct and sometimes hard messages with care and consideration. I feel that we can have open and honest discussions, accepting proposals and actions in a non-judgemental manner. I find this the best way to encourage headteachers in the many tasks that constitute school improvement and have been happy to share difficulties and ways of overcoming them in productive conversation with Nandarane. She is always  professional  in  her  arrangements   with  the  school  - punctual  and reliable, clarifying key points from  meetings  and sending back comprehensive  Notes of Visit which provide useful reminders of key actions for the school
  • Mrs  E J Stevens, Headteacher Kent


Nandarane provided a highly appropriate balance of professional support and challenge. She wasn’t afraid to ask ‘difficult’ questions and set tight timescales for expected progress on improvement issues. She also used her wealth of educational knowledge and experience to provide support and suggestions for strategic improvement to reflect critically on the day to day issues of running a busy school.


  • Nandarane was always very focused on guiding the school towards achieving the best possible outcomes for learners.
  • Nandarane is a very warm, caring and approachable person. She always considered the well-being of staff and pupils and left me, as head teacher, feeling well supported and professionally challenged after every visit. Margaret Pollard, Headteacher, Warwickshire


  • Nandarane’s advice was always extremely insightful and relevant and the targets set were ambitious but achievable. She worked with my governors and SLT to ensure the school’s ambition was shared and the Governors realised that their ambition and vision  that ‘we become a centre of excellence for teaching and learning, providing our children with a challenging environment to nurture their academic, spiritual and social development, ensuring that children have the skills and confidence to be responsible citizens of the future.’

  • The positive and encouraging manner in which her support was offered ensured that staff morale remained high. The reassurance that there is someone with the knowledge, expertise and skills required to support you in moving a school forward is essential and Nanadarane was my constant in a sometimes stormy sea.        
  •  Mrs A Hine, Headteacher, Warwickshire
  • I have valued Nandarane’s  considered and thoughtful opinions, her integrity and her approach to school leadership, as well as her concern for the well-being of myself as a school leader, the staff I am working with and the pupils we are all working to support.
  • Mr Chris Blackburn, Headteacher,  Kent


  • Her overall aim was always to work in partnership with the school to raise the achievement of pupils and develop their love for learning. Her work within the school contributed to the rise in standards that were achieved.
  • I always found Nandarane to be fair, loyal and trustworthy, which made her very easy to work with. She was able to inspire and develop skills in others.                          
  • Sarah Warshow, Headteacher, Kent


  • Nandarane was instrumental in the successes achieved during my first four terms in Headship. Her visits were more than just her job, it was abundantly clear that she cared and had a desire for me to succeed and in turn, my school. She is an incredibly determined lady who I admire and have the utmost respect for. I can honestly say she has made a difference to Seal Primary and had I not been fortunate enough to have had Nandarane as my Improvement Advisor, the start to my Headship could have been quite different.
  • Liz Mitchell, Headteacher, Kent



  • It was a challenging time for both myself as a new head teacher, the Governing Body and staff.  Nandarane was able to offer another perspective and her calm manner and good coaching skills enabled us as a team to remain focussed on driving up the standards of teaching and learning.     
  • Mrs Jane McNally, Head-teacher, Stratford Upon Avon


  • I have found her to be supportive, honest and challenging. Her up to date knowledge, wealth of experience and passion for education has facilitated a renewed drive for our school to continue with its outstanding provision and beyond.  Her continual focus on teaching and learning has benefited the school as a whole as she quite rightly challenged us to improve the quality of provision being provided in one area. This allowed us to develop a plan of support that not only developed a colleague’s practice but enhanced the leadership team’s attitude of ‘leadership and responsibility’ as a whole.
  • Jacqueline Saunders, Headteacher.  Cobham


  • I would also like to take the opportunity of thanking you.  I have heard HTs talk about you on many occasions, always very positive about what you add to the school in terms of improvements. You will be sorely missed and I am not relishing the task of informing your schools. 
  • Karen Claxton Senior School Improvement Adviser Kent


  • Mrs Parmar's contribution towards this improvement cannot be underestimated; we, and more importantly the children, are indebted to her support, skills, guidance and understanding.
  • Mr Roger Barber, Headteacher, Vigo


  • Lively, interesting and enthusiastic presentations with degree of intellectual understanding and rigour.

Governors Earlham Primary


  • She speaks with knowledge and expertise and is very approachable. Naina makes time to listen without being judgemental and she consistently shows empathy in her communication. She is an excellent role model and should be leading from the front.

Manjit Dulay, Headteacher