Nandarane Naina Parmar B.Ed., Farmington Fellow, NPQH

CEO and Managing Director for Peacock Education – Consultancy and Coaching


Nandarane Naina Parmar is:


  • •CEO and Managing Director of Peacock Education


  • •Member of The Institute of Directors


  • •Director and Accredited by the Society of Educational Consultants


  • •Director of Schoolscompany Trust


  • •Headteacher including experience of faith, new schools and academies


  • •Farmington Fellow, Oxford and Warwick


  • •Academic action based research experience


  • •Consultancy and exemplification of standards


  • •Substantial Judiciary in ensuring fair outcomes


    • •Committed to a strong set of ethical principles that guide her professional activities.


  • •Qualified in cutting edge and clinically proven strategies for lasting change


  • •Nominated and runner up for  two RSA awards:
  • -===--Woman of the Year 2015
          • --------Business of the Year 2015


Nandarane offers Consulting, Coaching and wellbeing interventions using tried and tested strategies for effective outcomes.


Why you should work with Nandarane?

Nandarane Naina Parmar knows how to make a difference to the lives of others by offering one to one coaching sessions to enable emotional well-being, mental balance and happiness at work and home. Being a leader herself and having been a prior head teacher, she has experience in coaching and consulting with leaders, head teachers and executives. Nandarane is able to cut through the stress and chaos of decision making to offer clarity, calm and transformational results.


She has a background in leadership and consulting having implemented change work in over 100 Head teachers and school leaders in the UK resulting securing 100% improvement in standards and well-being. Her leadership style enables a happier and more empowered work-force. Nandarane is a pioneer and loves helping others to transform from the inside out. She has a flair for complex projects and was instrumental in launching the first holistic school in the UK innovating and delivering to tight deadlines with a large body of stakeholders.

Now as Managing Director of Peacock Coaching and Consulting she works with leaders, teams in corporate and educational organisations to enable well-being and performance.


What is so unique about the Coaching and Consulting with Nandarane?


Nandarane combines


  • •Her vast knowledge and experience in effective leadership


  • •Qualified, trained and experienced in cutting edge techniques clinically proven to relieve stress


  • •Ability to creating trusting relationships and teams

  • •Higher conscious communication strategies


  • •Creates safety and trust for clients


Nandarane is passionate about empowering leaders to achieve their best.


Nandarane Naina Parmar:  My story….

I was a successful Headteacher and loved my job.  Yet my workload over took my life.  I became increasingly became unavailable to my supportive partner, children and friends. There was no room to have a crisis or meltdown because work came first.


Eventually bereavement, tragedy and ill health forced me to re-evaluate my professional and personal life including the quality of my relationships. I had exhausted the bog standard counselling, mentoring and coaching and while it helped with surface issues, I began to recognise that there were still silent barriers and unresolved emotional issues both conscious and unconscious that continually sabotaged my peace and wellbeing and held me back in many ways. They were limiting beliefs, vows I had made and generational thinking patterns intrinsically woven into by being that needed healing and attention. I was lucky to find a transformative coach who dealt with deeper longer lasting issues and soon I found I was a different person, the quality of my life, career and relationships become more authentic and happy.


I am now qualified, trained and experienced in delivering a range of techniques clinically proven to reduce stress and deliver deep lasting change. It’s lonely at the top and leaders sacrifice a lot in their personal and professional lives for the greater good and service to others. They therefore, deserve the best quality professional and life coaching. I am passionate about enabling them to thrive in their personal and professional lives and have made it my life’s work to empowering leaders.