Nandarane Naina Parmar B.Ed., Farmington Fellow, NPQH

Nandarane's Experience

Nandarane has worked successfully with over 130 schools including Trusts and Local authorities. Providing bespoke school improvement that is sustainable and based on human values and virtues.  She understands the shared and individual complexities of different schools which Headteachers lead within.


She has worked with Headteachers in all settings from outstanding schools, to those in special measures and understands the complex challenges faced in each individual situation.


Her main priority is to ensure Headteachers feel that they can trust her, be encouraged, well supported and cared for, as her first and foremost. priority


Depending upon what each Headteacher needs, Nandarane can provide bespoke and tailor-made school improvement, and  breakthrough coaching


Nandarane specialises:

  • The complexities of achieving standards whilst balancing the strategic, operational, business, management, training, HR, relationships and how they all have an impact on teaching and learning. Including Exclusions and Admissions


  • Strengthening emotional and psychological wellbeing

If you would like to experience School Improvement with a difference and leaving you energised.


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