Headteachers Matter

Headteachers Matter. We understand It can be lonely, challenging and stressful in organisations where you are working to achieve the best for your pupils. You are also dealing with staffing issues, shrinking budgets, gruelling workload, problem behaviours, health, safety and the list is endless. Alongside that you experience high levels of accountability and scrutiny can be relentless and take its toll.

Despite the challenges, we know you show up selflessly every day because the sacrifices you make are all the difference in empowering and transforming pupils’ lives.

A trusting, competent and caring school improvement Partner who has been there, done it and understands first hand the challenges you face and has gone onto support other Headteachers successfully, can make all the difference - that you don’t have to do it alone.


Our Aim

          • Provide bespoke and robust school improvement that enables Headteachers to achieve their priorities and leaves them feeling well supported, inspired and motivated


Vision and Mission

  • Empower Headteachers to feel understood and cared for first and foremost, through a climate of trust and safety to run their schools and teams in the way they vision it as authentic leaders.


  • Enable Headteachers to achieve the goals and priorities to give their pupils the very best chances to succeed


  • Provide impartial, truthful and professional guidance on school improvement challenges that are intrinsically linked to the complexities of strategic, business, management, staffing, managing relationships, problem behaviours, working effectively with stakeholders, health, safety and wellbeing


  • Feel calm and balanced protecting and strengthening their psychological, emotional wellbeing and resilience
  • Provide Breakthrough Coaching for reducing stress, developing deeper awareness of your leadership style, influence and impact through sustainable and transformational change for clearing blocks, unresolved issues and in achieving clarity and internal strength