Peacock Education provides 1:1 Consulting and Coaching to corporate and educational organisations to improve performance and well-being.

We work with:


  • •CEOs, Executives and  leaders

  • •Head teachers  and leaders in Schools


  • •Decision makers in organisations


  • •Talented individuals at risk of burnout  who need rapid, sustainable  transformative change


The results we deliver are to enable:


  • •A happy and thriving workforce

  • •Empowered Leaders equipped to take profitable decisions


  • •Rapid transformation to enhance team performance and well-being


Why Coaching?


  • •Improves productivity and wellbeing:


Research based evidence and first-hand experience through work shows that the demands and changing landscape of leading, improving personal and team effectiveness, productivity and outcomes are becoming challenging and complex. Leaders are increasingly under pressure to deliver high quality standards under time pressure and limited financial resources require high quality coaching which offers transformational and sustainable change. Quality coaching cannot be underestimated in improving professional and personal wellbeing.




  • •1:1 Coaching


  • •Wellbeing


  • •School Improvement


  • •Leadership strategy


  • •Improving professional and personal relationships


Contact us for further information:
Call: 07888 705 422